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As soon as you arrive, you'll be welcomed by a warm, home atmosphere. You'll love spending your vacation here, relaxing, breathing in the fresh air,
and letting time pass away. The furniture, fabrics, art collections, antiques, and family heirlooms come together to create a charming setting for your stay.






          What do we know about these two houses that not too long ago still belonged to the Charity Home?  The answer is a mixture of stories and deep history.

          In 1645, after the great plague decimated the population of Beaune, Antoine Rousseau and Barbe Deslandes built the Church of Charity along with a set of buildings to house and educate the many abandoned orphans wandering through the city streets.





The wooden staircase located in the courtyard of MAISON DE L'OISELIER dates from this period. It connects the two houses that served as housing for the Sisters of Charity who were in charge of watching over the young children.

          Legend has it that the city's bird-seller also lived in this house...

          When looking at the architecture, you can see by the timbers that a part of the house's history predates the building of the Chapel and almost certainly was built in the Middle Ages. A medieval stone sink has been preserved and placed under one of the windows in the LINOTTE guestroom. The second house’s façade features mullioned windows with stone lintels and dates back to the Renaissance period.





When the current owners acquired it in 2015, the canopy which today connects the two buildings had already been built, allowing the construction of a large, sunny kitchen under its dome. The second floor terrace also existed.

          So, they worked on renovating and adding amenities in order to create a guesthouse that can accommodate people while maintaining privacy within. The second goal was to find colors and decor to create a pleasant and updated atmosphere without completely distorting the historic look.

          They accomplished their mission, adding a sense of charm to its unique architecture, which makes it an absolutely one-of-a-kind resort in Beaune.




                  THE GUESTHOUSE



          After opening the front doors, you'll arrive in the entry, a passageway that leads you to the large living room.

          In the living room, you'll be awed by the sweeping view that extends across the stone mullioned windows to the sun drenched courtyard under the canopy.

          A delicate blue surrounds you, creating a calming atmosphere. The light sconces, with their orange lampshades, add a pop of joyful color to the room. You will truly be enchanted. When guests arrive, they often say: "It's even better than the pictures! ».






You can choose to relax on one of the two off-white linen sofas, or in one of the black leather armchairs. There's a large coffee table ready to serve you an appetizer platter and bottle of Chardonnay.

          The paintings decorating the walls are mostly bird themed and are acquired, like the Persian rugs, through auctions.

          The long oak table in the dining room and its chairs were discovered in a thrift shop in Chalon sur Saône. With the extensions, it can seat more than 12 guests. The porcelain tableware, with its beautiful ornate orange design, was also thrifted.




Past the stone portico of the mullioned facade, you'll enter the kitchen, with its huge skylights.

          As you look around the room, you'll see the wooden staircase, the medieval facade at the building's foundation, the two imposing yet understated square chandeliers that resemble garden bells, kitchen furniture with pops of bright yellow, and a black granite counter top.

          Bistro tables and rattan chairs are available for you to enjoy a lovely breakfast under the sky while admiring the steeple of Charity chapel.





          If you enjoy cooking, we have everything you need to cook delicious meals. The hostess is a wonderful cook.

          Take the stairs up to the first floor where there is a small TV lounge. Relaxation areas decorated with Farrow & Ball "orangery" creates a cozy atmosphere with a red upholstered sofa where you can curl up to watch TV.

          The flat screen has been carefully placed on a historic stone fireplace, which is decorated with a garland of foliage and beautiful flowers.






          Up on the second floor, push the door window open and you'll find the adorable terrace, where you can admire the roofs of the Charity Home decorated with a finial that elegantly cuts into the sky.

          You can nestle in a garden lounge chair between two palm trees, kept company only by the perched pigeons. This is also the ideal place to sunbathe or enjoy a cigarette.

          Spend some time alone reading a book or sipping coffee in the living room adjacent to the terrace. There is a NESPRESSO machine and cups. 






          The four rooms have been configured to function as mini-apartments to provide everyone with the utmost privacy.
The hostess, an interior designer and sculptor, took every detail into consideration for your comfort.
    She paid particular attention to choosing the bedding so that you have a gentle and restful nights sleep.
    The result: several guests have wanted to know the supplier!



          On the ground floor, the Linnet room has two twin beds and is bathed in a soft amber hue featuring curtains, headboards and bed skirts all with a matching Toile de Jouy print. The black metal nightstands hold delightful bedside lamps decorated with parrots.
A light wood table, two chairs, bird prints and a luggage rack complete the rooms look.

        The ensuite shower room is illuminated by sconces with cream colored shades.

        The floor, sink basin, and walls are made of Burgundy stone. The heated towel warmer perfectly heats up your bath towels. The shower is spacious (1 m 70 cm by 90 cm), as is the wardrobe. A door separates the toilet from the rest of the bathroom.



          On the 1st floor, the Bouvreuil room is located in an addition from the TV room. It features a bluish gray tone, with fabric curtains, headboards and bed skirts in a cotton bird print with orange and blue flowers on a cream background.

          Two shepherdesses on an vermilion oriental carpet face the beds. The weathered wood nightstands feature charming lamps with woven straw azur lampshades. The double-glazed windows light the room. This is the only room in the house that faces the street, but it is still very quiet and peaceful at night.

          A 19th century armoire restored by the hostess and a luggage rack are ready to hold all your possessions. In the small hallway, there are two doors: one leads to a shower room (a 1 m 70 cm by 90 cm walk-in shower) made of Burgundy stone with a sink, heated towel warmer and large mirror shaped like a huge bull's eye, and the next door leads to the separate toilet.



          On the 1st floor, on the other side of the stairway is the Chardonneret room, featuring beaded sconces and gauze Toile de Jouy curtains in cream and sepia hues.

          The Queen Size bed sits on a large Persian rug that covers the original tile floor. The bathroom, open to the bedroom, is hidden by thick curtain panels

          A marble mantelpiece, multiple wall engravings, a bathtub alcove, a lovely antique wardrobe and a leather chair, not to mention the comforts of the heated towel warmer and luggage rack showcases a combination of decor and comfort.

          It's a charmer!




          On the 2nd floor, the Pinson room is a small, cozy nest in the attic.

          With one Queen Size bed and a bathroom that is open to the bedroom. It combines cream tones with the crimson of the Toile de Jouy. Two chairs restored by the hostess are lined with floral fabric, a thick carpet adds warmth to the oak flooring, and a mirror creates the illusion of a window.

          You'll be as happy as can be!

          There is a wardrobe, heated towel warmer, luggage rack, and a large bathroom featuring exposed beams and a separated toilet. Always providing the utmost comfort for cozy nights.


Click here to open the house plan in PDF



With a focus on comfort, the Maison de l'Oiselier has all the necessary typical amenities for an enjoyable stay.


OISELIERequipements1 580

. SONOS speakers
. Electric heaters
. NESPRESSO coffee makers
. Flat screen TVs
. Induction cooker
. Electric coffee maker
. Electric kettle
. Toaster
. Convection oven
. Microwave


. Refrigerator
. Dishwasher
. Washer/dryer
. Ironing board
. Iron
. Hair dryer
. Towels






          All beds are made prior to your arrival.

          The bathrooms include welcome toiletries, such as shampoo, shower gel and body lotion, as well as bath and hand towels.

          Bed linens are white cotton sateen.
Bath linens are pure cotton terry and are very soft.








THE MAISON DE L'OISELIER is located in the heart of Beaune, within the city's medieval walls,
near the Belfry towers and between the Porte Saint Nicolas and the Place Monge.


MAISON15 580          

          Park your car at the Parking Lorraine, 100 meters from the guesthouse. It is free and monitored

          For shopping, anything you may need is within just a few minutes' walk!

          The bakery (delicious bread and croissants) is located across the street, just a few meters away, as is a convenient store and pharmacy.

          Walking down the rue de Lorraine, you'll pass the Beaune Library (worth a visit) and a bank (ATM) before reaching the “place Monge”, where you will see the enticing storefronts of the "Millot" pastry shop (we recommend the Saint Honoré and gougères) as well as the butcher/caterer.


MAISON16 580



A few steps further, at the “place au Beurre” and at the beginning of “rue Carnot”, you'll find a supermarket, which has friendly owners and absolutely anything you may need (fruits and vegetables, dairy, grocery, pharmacy and bread on Wednesdays, the day the bakery closes). On the “place au Beurre” there is a wonderful seafood restaurant, Le Grand Bleu.

          When it comes to restaurants, you'll be spoiled (legend has it that there are as many restaurants in Beaune as there are days in the year!). Make reservations. Beaunois go out often and the amazing bistros don't have very many seats, so they are often packed.

          At the guesthouse, we provide a small summary of our favorite places along with their opening hours and telephone numbers.

          If you choose to stay peacefully at home, enjoy the services and facilities we offer in the MAISON DE L’OISELIER which is every bit of unique.   Learn more